Coastal erosion affecting archaeological heritage

As government agencies and public bodies assess climate risk and policies to adapt and respond to climate change we are facing a race against time to document many coastal heritage sites to mitigate against loss. Ongoing research with partners Historic Environment Scotland and the Swandro-Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust is focusing on a range of complex archaeological sites in Orkney, comparing properties in care and scheduled monuments along eroding coastlines. By combining legacy data and high resolution 3D digital documentation we are exploring different approaches for complex multiphase sites on varied geology and subject to differing erosion and weathering processes. Our work will improve digital workflows for monitoring, managing and aiding the conservation of vulnerable coastal sites such as at Swandro and South Howe on Rousay, which have been documented and excavated by the University of Bradford since 2010. 

This project was funded as a NECAH doctoral studentship to Nicole Burton.