Visualising Heritage – our capabilities

We pioneer interdisciplinary approaches linking tangible and intangible heritage that are informed by contemporary need and current thinking. The University of Bradford has established a reputation for work on imaging and visualisation in archaeology and anthropology through a number of high-profile projects. These capabilities are built around expertise in 3D imaging of bones, bodies, artefacts, archaeological sites, heritage structures and both terrestrial and marine landscapes. We undertake research and commercial work with institutions that want to make their collections more widely accessible and discoverable; as well as archaeologists, heritage bodies and community organisations that are interested in digital documentation of artefacts, built heritage, archaeological sites, parkland, historic and palaeo-landscapes. At our disposal are techniques for geophysical prospection, mobile mapping, 3D laser scanning, GNSS, aerial imagery (incl. thermography and multispectral), Gigapan imagery, structure-from-motion photogrammetry, object scanning (structured light scanning and laser scanning) and surface metrology. We couple this with immersive outputs and visualisation using Virtual and Mixed reality and custom viewers.