Wetland Archaeology

With a research background in lake-settlements of the Alpine region, Associate Professor Ben Jennings’ research in the School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences at the University of Bradford expands across a variety of wetland locations. From the Viverone lake-dwelling project of Professor Francesco Menotti, to the identification of submerged archaeological features on the Shetland Islands, to the Wetland Futures in Contested Environment’s project focus on cultural perceptions of peatlands, the wetland archaeology research group is active in the gathering and presentation of visual data.

The Wetland Futures project has focussed on perceptions of wetland and peatland heritage by various user and stakeholder groups, utilising both qualitative and quantitative data analysis to examine how such environments are perceived, valued, and understood. This research has also utilised a variety of digital recording methods to understand erosion processes, present archaeology heritage to groups at remote distance, and aid in the recording of archaeological features.


Wetland Futures in Contested Environments – www.wetfutures.eu

Open access research papers: Full article: The role of cultural heritage in visitor narratives of peatlands: analysis of online user-generated reviews from three peatland sites in England (tandfonline.com)Full article: Saturated with meaning: peatlands, heritage and folklore (tandfonline.com)